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Friday, March 12, 2010


Fine Gael’s Dr Liam Twomey has welcomed that talks between representatives of the Government and the public sector unions are to get under way to try to resolve the dispute over Government pay cuts.

Dr Twomey said he hopes the talks will allow the unions to defer their strike action.
‘Any strike will reduce productivity in the economy. If productivity is reduced, our competitiveness will be reduced and if that happens, more people will lose their jobs in the coming months. Wexford cannot afford any more job cuts. The government deficit is already massive and we are heading towards bankruptcy, Public sector workers have taken a disproportionate hit in the last two budgets that must be acknowledged. Unfortunately, the Governments part of the economy is the part that is the greatest mess. It’s important that the pay cuts are fair to both the lower paid and those at the higher end o the scale.’

Most of the public throughout the country and in County Wexford have been badly affected by the work to rule action taken, but Dr Twomey has said that these talks should be seen as a great chance to make positive changes in the public sector.
‘This should not be seen as just talks about pay, but should be seen as a chance to transform the public sector. Morale is low at the moment as the public service has been singled out for blame by the private sector and the public in general.

These talks can change the public service into a service that is more efficient, transparent and accountable. The Taoiseach and the unions missed this opportunity in the past. This missed opportunity to genuinely reform the public sector under Bertie Ahern’s leadership has contributed to the present crisis.
This time it is a make or break issue.

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