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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Fine Gael’s Dr. Liam Twomey met with Minister Moloney and HSE officials on 8th July in relation to an acute psychiatric admissions unit in Wexford General Hospital.
“The HSE do not support an acute admission unit for County Wexford. The HSE wants to develop community services in County Wexford. The plan they have outlined to me is:
· Two day hospitals, one in Wexford town and one in Gorey
· Expanded community clinics and long care facilities in Enniscorthy and New Ross
· Increase in multi-disciplinary community care teams to treat patients at home
· Additional staff to treat patients in County Wexford."

“The HSE expects their proposals to reduce in-patient admissions by a half when fully implemented. Unfortunately it will mean that patients who need in-patient treatment will have to travel to Waterford Hospital which will be upgraded.”

“The HSE will publish its plan in September, outlining a timeframe and budget to implement this plan. In the meantime I hope to have discussions with patients, staff and HSE officials to get their views on the HSE plan.”

“I want to make sure that this plan is best for patients. If the HSE closes St. Senan’s, we must ensure that these new proposals are in place first. The likelihood of a small acute admission unit is slim, the HSE feels that such a unit is unviable from a patient care or financial point of view.”

“If the HSE fulfil their promise to implement this plan, and if the medical evidence to support their plan stacks up, we may see a 21st century mental health service for County Wexford. The full implementation of this plan would see a broader range of healthcare professionals looking after Wexford people with mental health problems.”

“The HSE must show that this plan will:
1. Be better for patient care
2. Maintain the present healthcare staff and expand the number of healthcare professionals in County Wexford’s Mental
Health Services.
3. Ensure that all staff in St. Senan’s can work in the new facilities.”

“I have a lot of experience of the mental health service in County Wexford. I have seen the improvements that community psychiatry can deliver to patients. It is now time for all of us to take ownership of the proposed changes to make sure that we get the best mental health service for County Wexford.”

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