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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Action needed on Local Roads

Fine Gael’s Dr. Liam Twomey has outlined the importance of Wexford’s roads to the recovery of the economy. “The local roads should be our first priority as people’s cars are getting destroyed due to the huge potholes. These roads are important not only to local businesses in our towns and villages but also to everyone in the community such as elderly people going in and out for their pensions and to their GP or to the hospital. It is also affecting our children going to school every day.”

“Our second priority should be the New Ross and Enniscorthy bypasses. They should not be put on hold pending the 2015/16 Budget. Good access across the county is vital to the regrowth of our economy in County Wexford, the South East and the rest of the country and despite Fianna Fail’s claims, we do not need 800 million euros up front as they would be built under a Public Private Partnership, which would actually cost 30 million euros per year.”

Dr. Twomey pointed out that the Enniscorthy route was selected in 2001and even though we had the Celtic Tiger years, the bypass still has not being built. “So, being realistic I do not believe that the Oylegate / Rosslare bypass will be built. Traffic does not stop between Oylegate and Kilrane but Enniscorthy and New Ross are traffic bottlenecks and therefore these bypasses should be our priority.”

Dr. Twomey added, “Wexford has had a raw deal: we have lost our rail link to Limerick and Waterford and the likelihood of a university in Waterford is very slim. With the New Ross and Enniscorthy bypasses, Wexford with Rosslare Europort would be seen as the hub for transporting goods to and from Europe and this would be good for the future of Wexford and this country.”

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Let me start off by saying that I learn from my mistakes.
I was naive about the last election, politically, I made mistakes.
Before the last election, I travelled the whole country getting everyone else elected, but forgot about the words of Tip O’Neill, the famous Irish American congressman who said ‘All politics is local’.
That is one mistake I will not be repeating this time.

There is a perception that I can be shy, soft spoken, and not aggressive enough. Do not interpret this as a weakness. I have seen people die in front of me, that gives me the steely resolve I need as a doctor, it is also what this country and this campaign needs. This time we will have a good campaign.

I am committed to what Fine Gael stands for:
Decency, Honesty and a commitment to Public Service.

What about our friend Brian Lenihan?
1. In September 2008, he said,
The bank bail out was going to be the cheapest bailout in the history of the state.
Over 50 million down a black hole later was not the cheapest option.
2. Even by January 2009, he was saying,
Bailing out Anglo Bank Irish would only cost 4.5 Billion.
So far, we have spent 30 Billion on Anglo and the meter is still running.
3. On budget day last year,
The last sentence in his budget speech was
‘We have turned the corner’.
We have turned the corner alright;
We ran straight into a cement mixer with the registration plates, IMF 2011
4. As we all know in November of this year, according to the two nodding donkeys, Dempsey and Ahern, the IMF coming into Ireland was fiction.
In this month the IMF arrived.

Whether it is Brian Cowen or Brian Lenihan, when they speak, they no longer inspire confidence, in anyone who has to pay a mortgage,
they do not inspire confidence for the future, they make me worry about my children’s future.

This government has exported, DELL Computers to Poland, The Sugar Beet industry to Europe, Our Sovereignty to Germany.
De Valera, the poster boy for Fianna Fail once stated
‘Never again will we export our children like live exports’

How Fianna Fail has failed us: Our young carpenters, electricians, nurses, teachers, all our most valuable commodities, are destined, because of this government’s failure, for export again.
It is now our responsibility and our duty to turn this tide.

Now some people say, Liam Twomey, he is a national politician.
I know my way around the Department of Finance, the Department of Health, and the HSE, like I know my own home.
I have spoken to Olli Relin from the EU commission and to Ajai Cropra from the IMF about this useless government.

I know, what it is to be local,
it is about jobs,
it is about getting money to fix our roads;
it is about stopping the downgrade of our hospital.
It is about giving ourselves and our children a chance.
I will not be Mighty Mouse in Wexford and Mickey Mouse in Dublin.

I am close to the leadership of this party. I have been health spokesperson. I am the Seanad Finance spokesperson. I want to be in government and I want to deliver for Co Wexford and work for this great country of ours.
That decision is now yours:
You can back me or sack me.
You have to decide.
Who is going to represent you in the next government,
I have what it takes.
I will deliver for this county and this country.

I want your vote,
I want your support,
And I want to be in the next government.

Thank You.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why have County Wexford roads fallen apart?

Dr. Liam Twomey calls for urgent action and an enquiry on why recently resurfaced roads fell apart during the recent cold spell.

The awful state of our roads after the recent sub zero temperatures must receive top political priority in the next few months stated Dr. Liam Twomey.
“The massive number of potholes and roads that are simply falling apart is unbelievable, I have reason to travel on a huge number of local roads from The Hook right up to Bunclody in the last three weeks, and we have a crisis on our hands. Some roads look like they have been bombed in a recent war and are beyond repair”.
There was fantastic work done by the council engineers and local authority workers. However, urgent actions are required to repair the damage.

Actions Dr. Twomey intends taking immediately include:
*Writing to Minister Gormley to ask for urgent funding to repair damaged roads and to take urgent remedial action to prevent further deterioration of more roads.
*Write to Minister Lenihan to ask him to divert funding from the NRA to local authorities to rapidly provide the funding that is needed for our non-national roads. He will also raise this issue with Minister Lenihan when they debate the Finance Bill in the Seanad.
*He will also contact his Fine Gael colleagues on the County Council and the relevant officials to see what can be done now to prevent damage to vehicles on our roads at huge cost to hard pressed individuals and businesses.
*He will also seek an inquiry from the council why some roads that were resurfaced in the last year or two and were meant to last for twenty years are now a crumbling mess. This inquiry must also give answers why sand and mud has broken through the surface of roads that were resurfaced in the last decade.
“These roads should have a bed of stone underneath, roads I have walked in the last few days have only sand under the surface tar, this makes no sense” said Dr. Twomey.
*The council must also take into account what measures will be taken in future to make future roads maintained more resistance to this type of weather.
Dr Twomey acknowledges that this problem will not be solved overnight. If elected to be part of the next Government, Dr. Twomey promises to work with his council colleagues to deal with this crisis as a matter of urgency.