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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why have County Wexford roads fallen apart?

Dr. Liam Twomey calls for urgent action and an enquiry on why recently resurfaced roads fell apart during the recent cold spell.

The awful state of our roads after the recent sub zero temperatures must receive top political priority in the next few months stated Dr. Liam Twomey.
“The massive number of potholes and roads that are simply falling apart is unbelievable, I have reason to travel on a huge number of local roads from The Hook right up to Bunclody in the last three weeks, and we have a crisis on our hands. Some roads look like they have been bombed in a recent war and are beyond repair”.
There was fantastic work done by the council engineers and local authority workers. However, urgent actions are required to repair the damage.

Actions Dr. Twomey intends taking immediately include:
*Writing to Minister Gormley to ask for urgent funding to repair damaged roads and to take urgent remedial action to prevent further deterioration of more roads.
*Write to Minister Lenihan to ask him to divert funding from the NRA to local authorities to rapidly provide the funding that is needed for our non-national roads. He will also raise this issue with Minister Lenihan when they debate the Finance Bill in the Seanad.
*He will also contact his Fine Gael colleagues on the County Council and the relevant officials to see what can be done now to prevent damage to vehicles on our roads at huge cost to hard pressed individuals and businesses.
*He will also seek an inquiry from the council why some roads that were resurfaced in the last year or two and were meant to last for twenty years are now a crumbling mess. This inquiry must also give answers why sand and mud has broken through the surface of roads that were resurfaced in the last decade.
“These roads should have a bed of stone underneath, roads I have walked in the last few days have only sand under the surface tar, this makes no sense” said Dr. Twomey.
*The council must also take into account what measures will be taken in future to make future roads maintained more resistance to this type of weather.
Dr Twomey acknowledges that this problem will not be solved overnight. If elected to be part of the next Government, Dr. Twomey promises to work with his council colleagues to deal with this crisis as a matter of urgency.

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